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Hello NTIA website goers! My name is Frederick Sugden, co-director of London Promoters’ Society. The LPS is a society representing promoters from across London, connecting them up to share stories, lessons, opportunities, operations, contacts and ideas – whilst at the same time uniting all of our voices into a louder and more coordinated one, so as to represent promoters’ needs and do our best to ensure our cultural impact is acknowledged and heard. 

It’s a pleasure to have a weekly slot here on the NTIA blog. Make sure to check out our previous two editions, both written by my partner in crime, Agent Squires – delving deep into our organisation’s perspective and history.

Today, I’d like to use this space to introduce you to some amazing promoters who make up the fabric of our city, from across the musical spectrum. I’ve purposely picked promoters from the grassroots – formed from the beautiful DNA of local musical communities, motivated by a DIY spirit that can be felt on their dancefloors! Picking 5 wasn’t easy and necessitates some follow up pieces in this same vein. I hope this leads you to finding yourself in a new party one day not too far away from now, and more immediately, whets your appetite for the return of the rave!


A raw, wonky and unique record label/party crew, who since 2000 have been, as they put it, “swerving the community”.

Expect absolutely electric vibes, rugged UK techno/rave, and more ‘woops’ and ‘oiois’ than in most other London parties combined on the same night!

Village Cuts

Fancy heading on an authentic listening experience around multiple continents in one night? Well then this is the place to be.

African, Latin, Carribean and UK flavours – old and new – all mixed into one spicy pot. Music that belongs to everybody, celebrated with carnival vibes whatever the time of year!

Sisters of Reggae

An all-female DJ collective playing superb Ska, raucous Rocksteady, radical Reggae, Roots, and real Rockers and Revival.

Founded in 2016 as an all-female Reggae DJ collective! Make sure to catch one of their showcases, often in and around South London, always crossing paths with incredible guest musicians and sound systems.

Make Me

Founded in 2008, the crew have exuded a passion for so many corners of the rave spectrum, showcasing world-class DJs with a homemade feeling. Expect so many interesting extensions of house/techno – this party is an essential part of London’s forward-thinking dance.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Ben Rubin, one of the party’s co-founders, join us on our last two weekly LPS wednesday night zoom meetings.

Big Dyke Energy

A no rules rave for everyone.

“We want to create a dance floor that is welcoming and inclusive – a sanctuary for LBT womxn + NB from all walks of life.”

Before Covid struck, the momentum this crew were building was insane. Through a combination of raucous vibes, true empowerment, and top-notch pumping selectors, London has itself a new ‘must-go-to’ party.

Thanks NTIA! Hope to see many of you at one of these events post-lockdown – let’s do all we can to help our industry survive to allow there to be spaces and support for these parties to thrive and evolve.

Speak to you all next week, and please do join us this Wednesday for our weekly Zoom – details released on our socials during the day on Wednesday.

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