Need Time to Breathe?

We Offer Informal Company Financial Restructuring Plans.


Is your company struggling with debt?

We’re here to help:

  • Is your company being adversely affected by the current economic crisis and concerned about the future?

  • Would you like to keep your company trading?

  • Are your company’s creditors making unreasonable demands for payment?

  • Has your company given personal guarantees to its creditors?

  • Our unique service does not impair your credit status.

BS4C Handles All Communications

Let BS4C get you the BREATHING space your company need to help you trade out of difficulties. We negotiate with all creditors whether HMRC, Lenders, Landlords, Suppliers, Utility Companies, etc…



BS4C will waive the £150 assessment fee! Receive your FREE ASSESSMENT today and take back control of your business finances! Call 01352 716632o email [email protected] to get in touch!

Our informal Debt Arrangement will NOT be entered on your credit file, therefore not harming your credit rating.


“We contacted BS4C through the NTIA for assistance as we start to try and trade out of the current chaos that is COVID. They have dealt with a variety of creditors for us but one in particular was a…

Before BS4C became involved we managed to get a CCJ against us for only a few hundred pounds and this culminated in a visit from a High Court Enforcement representative, he was threatening to break in and take all he could find unless I agreed to pay in full. This was early evening and without the help of BS4C I would have ended up losing the best part of £2000, even though it was 8 o’clock at night.

They intervened and brought it all to a standstill, pointing out illegal actions undertaken by both the firm and the individual. We now have agreement in place and happily moving on. BRILLIANT RESULT!”

PeterSatisfied Client