For this week’s London Promoters’ Society blog contribution, we’d like to introduce you to Sonny Green, an outspoken activist and talented promoter who recently joined us as a guest on one of our weekly remote meet-ups.

His poetry events have been exciting wordsmiths worldwide and so we thought we’d use this entry to allow him to introduce himself to NTIA readers…

Check out the recording of our session which he joined, which touched on everything from virtual reality to community spaces…

Sonny Green here, the founder of Trouble Tongues spoken word night; based in East London, The Jago. We have been running for 2 years and have since been nominated for the Saboteur Awards’ ‘Best Regular Spoken Word Night’. 

We started off in a small basement in Kentish Town where we ran our first year’s worth of events. The gatherings operate on a donation-based entry fee, with all profits raised goes into teaching the youth the power of spoken word poetry –

Dawn Butler MP at Troubled Tongues

On our 1st Birthday night, we sold out with a queue round the block.


Our ethos is clear; freedom. I always make sure our three booked poets come from a range of different backgrounds, ensuring there are equal opportunities for poets from all genders, races and sexes. We believe in freedom in all senses of the word. Even if we agree or disagree with a poet’s subject matter or moral compass, the stage is open for expression and thought-provoking content. This genuine approach has really excited people.

If you’re a poet, artist or generally just want to be entertained, then come down to Trouble Tongues for the best or worse night of your life.

One thing is for sure, it won’t be bland.

See for more details

Who dares wins, right? 

Love, Sonny Green

Get in touch —> [email protected]

We hope you enjoyed the piece. To find out more about the LPS, and hear some amazing speakers and topics, join us on our weekly Zoom meet-ups, every Wednesday at 8 pm – more details can be found on our website and social media.

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