The hospitality, late-night, leisure and retail sectors including hairdressers, beauticians and gyms have been hit hardest by restrictions brought about by the Covid – 19 pandemic. Many businesses have been closed for most of the last 12 months and whereas the Government brought out a Code of Practice for landlords and tenants to work together very few landlords have given their tenants any true support in the form of rent reduction. Whereas they have deferred rent due this only results in businesses racking up huge debt which they will be required to repay at some point in the future and many businesses will not survive as a result of this.

A petition has been started to ask the Government to intervene and pass legislation where the burden of closure for these businesses is shared equally between Government, landlords and their tenants which Is morally the right thing to do and which has already been adopted in other countries. Once the petition received 100,000 signatures this would mean that it can be formally considered to be debated in Parliament.

Please help the affected industries survive by going to the link below and signing the petition – we are counting on your support ! Please rest assured your support will cost you absolutely nothing but will hopefully help many businesses in the affected sectors survive.

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