The Night Time Industry Association supports its members and partners to develop their organisational capacity to deliver inclusive, high-quality services throughout your business, for both your customer, your workforce, and aspiring artists and creatives.

We do this by encouraging the best working practices and promoting our diverse culture through education and awareness. Quite simply we want to attract and retain the best talent! To promote our commitment to this agenda is essential to reflect the communities we serve.


Inherent low levels of cultural awareness in music, which does not support inclusion and feeds through to exclusive behaviours and attitudes.  Music inherently has historical influences and biases embedded within it.

International influences within Music, Tourism and Night-time Economy have driven the expectation for a more diverse product offering in terms of music, food and drink. Many businesses have been slow to adopt due to misconception, underlying prejudices and lack of knowledge.


The Act protects people against discrimination, harassment or victimisation in employment, and users of private and public services based on nine protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. Whilst the NTIA will form the base of our commitments around these, we want to go further and broaden the scope for protection to include a variety of differences, from socioeconomic backgrounds and different demographics.


The Night Time Industries Association supports its members and partners to develop their organisational capacity to deliver inclusive business models, for customers, their workforce, aspiring artists and creatives. We have created a public call to act to encourage best working practices and promote a diverse and inclusive culture through education, awareness and driving our own initiatives for change.  Quite simply we want to attract, retain and support the growth of talent and help our members foster an inclusive culture which allows everyone to thrive! Promoting our commitment to this agenda is essential to reflect the communities we serve.

““The Association for Electronic Music endorses the NTIA’s endeavours to create healthier, more inclusive and diverse environment for all those who work in the night-time industries””

Tristan HuntRegional Manager, AFEM


Participants will join the Night time Industries Association in this Call to Act and pledge to encourage organisations, businesses and individuals to commit to working on two or more challenges in the next 12 months, to help improve inclusion and diversity in the industry within our three key focus areas: Music Culture & Experience, Talent, and Regulatory Landscape.

Specialists, Industry Leaders and Key Influencers have agreed to champion the initiative and over the course of the next 12 months we aim to engage at least 100 sponsors and supporters to help achieve real solutions: 

  1. Source and recruit from a wide and inclusive talent pool.
  2. Respect and celebrate contributions from different people.
  3. Assign accountability for each commitment to a task force and forum to maintain continuity and measure progress.
  4. Develop a set of Diversity and Inclusion standards and goal. This will allow businesses to record and measure their progress.
  5. Build strong relationships with key industry organisations and associations to develop and promote Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing.
  6. Create a Hub for access to advice, guidance, toolkits and forums which support the implementation of shared healthy diversity, inclusion and wellbeing practices.