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The government has introduced the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill in Parliament.


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Calling for fairness and equality for small limited companies

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Industry Calls on the Government to #RAISETHEBAR

Increase rateable value grant cap to £150k for Retail, Hospitality, Leisure businesses



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The Night Time Industries Association promotes the unique contribution of the night time industry to the UK.

The NTIA is the voice for the sector and works to increase awareness and understanding of its contribution and benefits. It seeks to influence the decisions of policymakers and ensure that the night time economy continues to flourish, supporting regeneration, creating jobs and enhancing the UK’s international reputation.


Revenue 66 Billion per annum (6% of the UK's total)
300 million people visited for a night out or a meal


UK Night Time Industry accounts for almost 8% of the UK’s employment
Bringing run down areas back to life and employing 1.3 million people


The NTIA is a Trade Association and Membership Organisation that promotes the unique contribution of The Night Time Industry in the UK and internationally.

  • Ensuring that the public discussion about the benefits to the UK – and internationally – of the Night-Time Industry is clearly understood across society.
  • Championing the enormously successful entrepreneurs who make Britain one of the most exciting international destinations for tourists.
  • Challenging the unfair treatment and attitudes currently being imposed upon the Night-Time Industry

Our members are serious about working and living in the areas their establishments exist within. NTIA is committed to encouraging members to engage with the local community to ensure conversations and understanding.

  • Communicating with decision-makers and helping to forge a “360-degree” approach whereby legislators, the police, local planning authorities and residents are all part of the national and local discussion to helping to continually improve business, culture and creativity in Britain.

Creative, passionate and full of energy, The NTIA represents the enormous success story that is the UK’s fifth biggest industry, which accounts for at least 8% of the UK’s employment and revenues of 66 Billion per annum (that’s 6% of the UK total).

The NTIA has been formed by independent bar, nightclub and restaurant owners, pubs, festival and live music event operators as well as music managers and other supporters of the benefits of the Night-Time Industry from the world of business, culture, media and politics.

We are owners and operators that represent the creative and entrepreneurial drive that makes Britain such an exciting country to visit and live in – as well as helping to forge some of the most talented people in the music industry who all cut their teeth in the venues of The NTIA.

We know that, whether it is London Fashion Week, Frieze Art Festival, The Brits, MOBO’s or The BAFTA’s, it is always at The Night Time Industry venues that people enjoy themselves and are entertained. It is also the melting pot and coming together experience that makes the UK a leader in the creative world.


  • NTIA lobbies nationally to ensure the success stories of the Night-Time Industry are heard and understood.
  • NTIA commissions Academic Research that demonstrates empirically the contribution of the Night-Time Industries to the UK.
  • NTIA will have an ongoing dialogue with senior leaders in the UK with regard to the importance of the Night-Time Industry.
  • NTIA promotes clarity with regard to crime statistics & shines a light on vague terms such as “Anti Social Behaviour” – while reminding everyone that the Night-Time Industries is the UK’s fifth largest sector and an enormous success story.
  • NTIA champions the cultural output that is created within and provided through the Night-Time Industries.
  • NTIA works with Think Tanks, research bodies and other groups to promote Night Time Industry.
  • NTIA will partner with affiliate groups that share our interests.


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SaveNightlife is a grass roots nationwide movement promoting nightculture, raising awareness, and building a collective of supporters across the country. British nightlife is under threat. Read more and sign up to the #SaveNightlife manifesto.


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Our Members are Bar and Night Club Operators, Restaurant and Live Music owners, Operators, Street Food Festival companies, Record Labels, Artist Management Companies, Music Promotion Companies, Property Companies, Friends and Associates from the worlds of Music and Business.

“Night Time Industry is essential to local businesses beyond the premises of an establishment, whether that be the next generation of graphic designers and website creators to DJs, musicians and taxi cab drivers. Local infrastructure is improved and invested upon further as a consequence of the Night Time Industry.”

Cymon Eckel

“NTIA cherishes key members from the music industry, who recognise that all of the biggest name in British pop chart success – as well as all the upcoming ones – cut their teeth in the venues and on the dance floors of the Night Time Industry.”

Raymond Stevenson

“Our board is made up of people that love being able to provide professional entertainment to the world, in a fast-paced environment where their excitement to share the best food, music and service across the country that acts as a beacon for what is so impressive about the UK”

Jonathan Downey

“The NTIA is always in our industry's corner - whether it's providing that positive message about the value of our venues to society and the economy or fighting to preserve our futures when we're threatened by planning or licensing decisions. DHP is delighted to be a member of this important association!”

Julie TippinsHead of Risk Management - DHP Family


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